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The best video websites on the Internet today are smaller. They are niche-oriented websites. They combine their own hosted video and remote hosted video intending to tailor the experience to a specific area rather than become the biggest repository of all and everything.

United States, Acworth GA, and Monday, June 1, 2020: has announced the launch of the new website named ‘PoopheadVideos’ that allows the users to view and upload Funny video. PoopheadVideos is an unlimited supply of entertainment and promised to be addictive. The team of PoopheadVideos ensures that the users find only the best funny video on their Website by assigning a team of professionals that monitor the quality of posts being published 24/7. is a network born from collecting the funniest videos from around the internet like YouTube.  PoopheadVideos has since expanded into standup and podcasts, which inspired a new dream to find and promote the brilliant minds making comedy right now. Follow them for the latest in funny finds!

The Website is developed to provide quality leisure time to the users. Unlike the other social media channels that feature mixed video, PoopheadVideos is solely designed for funniest video purposes so whenever the user will open the website, they are sure to find something that makes them smile. The website features a user-friendly interface, fast loading, and effortless scrolling option. While browsing through the website, the videos don’t download on the phone. Since the videos are streamed, it causes low data consumption.

“We the Internet TV isn’t your average comedy news show: we’re equal-opportunity offenders with new videos every week on current events, politics, and culture. You might call us a safe space for satire. Or you might call us something else in the comments section. We make fun of everyone—especially you—so don’t say we didn’t warn you” Said the spokesperson of PoopheadVideos, while talking about the website.

The website ensures the privacy of the user and their personal information is not disclosed to anyone. It allows the users to be a part of the community by viewing and uploading posts on the website.  Finding the best video websites is a daunting task these days as the best ones are the ones hardest to find. Big names like YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, and the revenue sharing Revver are easy to find since everyone knows them. They do not have to be found. Are these giant reservoirs the best or just big? Is big better? Where to find the best video websites?

It’s a fun website designed for entertainment purposes that brings a community of like-minded individuals who love reading and sharing memes, trolls, funny videos, and more. It can be called as a fully dedicated entertainment platform and social media website that enables the user to have fun anytime. The website has received a good response from the users so far, some of who say, “Great website! Share your funny video with your friends and family”, while another one mentions, “wow! a single place for all the great funny video excellent”.


At we believe that comedy is the best medicine. Sometimes we all just need to laugh. We think we know the difference between stupidity and real comedy. We collect the funniest videos from the internet and place them here, on one website that we hope you enjoy. Please visit our advertisers, so we can continue to bring you the comedy. Thanks for being here, and share the fun with your friends!

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