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Funny Skateboard Tricks & Scooter Fails Compilation Video!


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Funniest Outdoor Flip and Skateboarding Fails Parody Compilation. This parody video series is specifically made for YesEpicYes channel by several skateboarding professionals for educational purposes only. Disclaimer: These stunts are performed by trained professionals. Do not try to attempt these stunts at home without professional guidance. Stay tuned with us to watch more parody videos from us. If you like this video please follow and share with your friends

Stupid Fall Time! Here is the mega montage of dumb skate slams that I talked about. This was insanely fun for me to put together because I got to watch all these hilarious falls again. I hope you enjoyed it!

*CRAZY* Reckless Skate Fails| Funny Skateboarding Fails Compilation

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