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Funny Canoe & Kayak Fails Caught on Video

Our new Funny fails compilation with Canoes and Kayaks. It’s just as easy to fail in a canoe as it is to fail in a kayak. Look new video – Funny Kayak and Canoe Marathon and Sprint Fails Compilation! What’s your favorite canoe/kayak fail? Let

publish 2023/02/11 61
Funny Dad Jokes (Plus Videos)

Why didn’t Mrs. Clause get Covid? She was SANTAtized…… Why did your dad give the scarecrow a lifetime achievement award? Because he was outstanding at his field.  “My wife said I should do lunges to stay in shape. That would be a big

publish 2022/08/21 67
Funny Skateboard Tricks & Scooter Fails Compilation Video!

Funniest Outdoor Flip and Skateboarding Fails Parody Compilation. This parody video series is specifically made for YesEpicYes channel by several skateboarding professionals for educational purposes only. Disclaimer: These stunts are performed by trained profe

publish 2022/08/21 988
Vacation Fails – Funny Travel Blunders | Funny Vacation Disasters

A nice vacay is always the right choice, but even hundreds of miles away from home a fail will find ya! 🏖️ Enjoy our funny collection of travel blunders. Epic Travel Fails collection – – Funny videos instant karma Time for a laugh… Next

publish 2022/08/21 128
publish 2022/08/16 38
The 10 SEXIEST and FUNNIEST Super Bowl Commercials (That Were BANNED From TV)

These 10 sexy super bowl commercials were banned from TV Which R-rated Super Bowl commercial is your favorite? Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Super Bowl commercials cost millions of dollars every year. Not only do you have to pay a hefty price to ge

publish 2022/07/27 46
The Funniest Football Videos of All Time

via GIPHY Football can be a cruel game. Fans all around the world have experienced the disappointment football carries with it. But enough doom and gloom! Enjoy the lighter side of football, with this complination of the top 15 funniest football moments of all

publish 2022/07/27 143
Trendy – Funny – Tik Toks

Many parents think that is a waste of time. Are they right? Well, no, if TikTok posts promote positivity and impact teenagers or youngsters. TikTok is a short-time video-based platform where everyone can represent their creativity with almost every talent you

publish 2022/07/26 33
The story in Music

The best time of life – while it lasted – NOW WHAT? Even years later, this is the best description of every day of my life. THE BEST DESCRIPTION IS MY HEART AND EMOTIONS WERE FROZEN IN TIME. An old picture I hold in my hand.It’s me and you and ou

publish 2022/07/21 83

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BEST FUNNY CATS VIDEOS 😹 – (The Funniest Cats Online)

Funny pets and hilarious cats~   These videos are  guaranteed to make you smaile, and even laugh out loud ! Find the funniest cat videos in this compilation of your favorite pet.  We hope these funny cat videos bring a smile to your face al

publish 2022/05/31 220
The Biggest Poophead in the World JOE BIDDEN

Honestly, my concern is not how much of an idiot Joe Biden is and always has been. My issue is that there are so many people in the United States that could not see past their “personal agendas” and understand what is BEST FOR ALL OF US IS BEST YOU

publish 2022/05/31 9986