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Thou Shalt Laugh – Box Set

publish 2022/01/07 38
Funniest Donald Trump Moments

Donal Trump Prank Love him, hate him, agree, disagree. Tha tis really not the isuse is it? Many people feel Donald Trump is a dispicable human being simply because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. Other appreicate these characterics even in

publish 2022/01/07 45
Hollywood Stars Then and Now

Life goes by fast. Don’t take a day for granted. One day you wake up and 1/2 the population is younger than you. Then before you know it your are a senior citizen. Take a look at these hollywood stars that some of us remember them in their prime who are

publish 2022/01/03 83
publish 2021/12/31 36
New Words from the Redneck Dictionary Jeff Foxworthy

Some new redneck words to add to your vocabulary. For more Jeff Foxworthy comedy clips. Kids are a lot like older folks when it comes down to it…For more Jeff Foxworthy comedy clips

publish 2021/12/31 81
1 Trick “Kills” Erectile Dysfunction — Wives Are Speechless

Here’s How 68-year-old Kevin Got His Fully Rigid Erections Back Again (HINT: It’s not Viagra) (ET, Sunday, December 12, 2021) – Like some 30 million Americans, 68-year old Kevin Johnson suffered from erectile dysfunction (

publish 2021/12/12 33
Teenagers doing stupid stuff

EXTREME HIDE AND SEEK IN BOXES!! Crazy Teans playing Extreme game of hide & seek with an AX. 10 Dumbest Teen Trends of All TimeFrom time to time, a new craze appears on the internet, most of which are nothing but harmless fun, although some of them turn ou

publish 2021/11/07 42
Conspiracey Theories

Jeffrey Epstein Survivors Talk About His Death and Conspiracy TheoriesThis clip from Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, survivors talk about learning of his death by suicide. We also hear about some of the conspiracy theories surrounding his suicide while in custod

publish 2021/11/07 114
Funny Basketball Video Clips (All the funniest clips from NBA, College, High School are here)

The NBA’s Funniest Moments of All Time The hooper that ruins every highlight be like…🤣 He just can’t seem to finish in these hilarious non highlight reels Shaq & Chuck Roasting Zion Williamson on Inside the NBA🤣 Sometimes the truth hurt

publish 2021/11/03 539

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BEST FUNNY CATS VIDEOS 😹 – (The Funniest Cats Online)

Funny pets and hilarious cats~   These videos are  guaranteed to make you smaile, and even laugh out loud ! Find the funniest cat videos in this compilation of your favorite pet.  We hope these funny cat videos bring a smile to your face al

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The Biggest Poophead in the World JOE BIDDEN

Honestly, my concern is not how much of an idiot Joe Biden is and always has been. My issue is that there are so many people in the United States that could not see past their “personal agendas” and understand what is BEST FOR ALL OF US IS BEST YOU

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