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Jerry Clower – Fishing With the Game Warden

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Jerry Clower was voted one of the funniest comedians of the Century. He never cursed or used vulgar language.

During the Depression, Clower’s father went to Memphis to look for work but never returned home. His 17-year-old mother moved back to her father’s farm in Liberty, Mississippi, and when she remarried, they moved to another farm. Clower worked on the farm and served on an aircraft carrier during World War II. He married in 1947 and obtained a degree in agriculture in 1951. He worked as a salesman in Yazoo, Mississippi, he found that he sold more fertilizer if he amused his customers.

One of his customers asked him if he would come and share his funny stories at his companies Christmas party. The event was recorded and sent to a small record label that immediately signed him, and the Great Jerry Clowers comedy career was born!

He developed a club act and, dressed in gaudy awful suits. Jerry Clower had a deep, loud voice, he became known as ‘The Mouth of Mississippi’. His first album, Jerry Clower From Yazoo City, was released on a small label and, when it sold by word of mouth in large quantities, he was signed to MCA Records. He joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1973. He was also a Baptist minister and an active member of the Gideon Bible Society.

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