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Murder Hornet Madness


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When the unsettling news of the Asian giant hornet’s arrival in the United States first broke, the public was understandably was concerned. First the coronavirus, now “murder hornets”? What’s next, three days of darkness? While many Bible scholars agree, that we are entering the last days before the rapture, murder hornets is not something we really need to concern ourselves with too much.

But bug experts from Washington, where the hornet was discovered in the U.S., to California agree that the 2-inch hornet is probably not worth all the buzz it has generated — at least not yet.

“It’s not an existential threat; it’s something that can be managed in our own minds. You just have to know that Murder Hornets do exist in California and take the necessary steps,” and just be aware. Those in California who have seen the Murder Hornets all say, they don’t attack, if anything they act afraid of humans.

“It’s like letting a virus spread — you don’t want to let your guard down.”

So with all that said, at Poophead Videos we wanted to do what we do best, try to find some comedy to put a smile on your face, and let you know that at this point and time California Murder Hornets is not something you should spend too much mental energy on. Smile, Love your family and take care of them!

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