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Obama Phone


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Sometime in life, we are not sure if we should laugh or cry. This was certainly one of those times. The above video went viral online and sound bites and clips where played around the world on various news outlets.

Frankly this video is Funny, but very sad. It is sad how government programs that were originally designed to help people get back on their feet have become a way of life and how many people expect to live. We now have people across American who believe you live off the government. Third generation welfare families are common, and we have kids who are brought up in environments where they are taught in their day to day life that you live by sponging as much as you can from the government.

America is the greatest free enterprise system in the world, but most people choose never to participate. “Your past doesn’t = YOUR FUTURE unless you make that decision, it really is all in your hands. Everyone is allowed to participate in the free enterprise system. Find the right mentor, and go to WORK! If you happen to be reading this, and through know fault of your own, have been raised in this type of environment, I hope you will consider the possibility of BREAKING OUT. You can do it, it is not easy, BUT it is possible, here is a good place to start. CLICK HERE