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The Hilarious Nun Scare Mask Prank


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If we are honest it is hard to think of anything more macob than a scary, spooky nun. I gues that is why scary nun masks have become such a popular prank to use for pranks and of course Halloween.

What was meant to be the ‘scariest two-way mirror prank ever’ has the most unexpected result possible you can imagine.

For a promotional event, a team from The Conjuring 2 planned an elaborate prank to scare unsuspecting movie-goers. The prank was genius, a two way mirror and a scary nun mask and they were all set to go. They went all out with a two-way mirror, some eerie lighting and an actor dressed as ‘The Nun’ from the film. Of course it only helped that the screening was held at a creepy looking warehouse which was a creative idea.

The crew had already set up their special room and asked a few people in the audience to share their thoughts on the film. And the prank was set in motion. Of course everythnig was being filmed.

One by one, they ran out screaming. All except one

We’ll not tell what happens but make sure you watch the video right till the end for the hilarious anti-climax. Scary Nun mask or not, this is worth seeing.

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